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self lifting costume Angel wings + Bat wings + Demon wings + Fairy wings + Butterfly wings + Halloween wings + Mardi Gras wings

Wing frames - on a back pack - You wear - that open or lift and close or lower         by lifting arms - that hook into the back pack - for hands free display

We make WING frames for you to add your ideas to. All wing frames comes cloth covers. You can order wing frames without covers.  

          To ORDER or Ask Questions : Ray H Kenyon           po box 234 Exeter R.I. 02822  Phone 1(401) 741-2307       

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FAIRY Wing Frames are Here!

FAIRY WING FRAMES THAT OPEN or lift AND CLOSE or lower. 3 lbs. $105.00 free shipping in USA. add $20.00 for priority shipping

Now you can add your fairy wings to our frames.

I bought these Red Fairy wings in a store, split them up and added them to a set of the wing frames I make. Now you can do the same. Add your Fairy Wings to my frame and your wings will OPEN or LIFT UP and SWING BACK and FORTH as you walk.

 For a video 9 minutes, which will show you how the WINGS work Click Here